Jiaozuo all the surplus anticorrosive wear-resisting material co., LTD,Is located in the beautiful scenery、The Great Wall of henan province xiuwu county territory,In the north world geological park——Yuntai mountain scenic area has beautiful scenery,South long dhi、Beijing-zhuhai expressway,The east“The green channel”——Yuntai avenue,The traffic is very convenient。  We produce acid-proof brick:Standard brick、Aliens, acid-proof brick、Ceramic ring、Acid porcelain plate、Acid-proof daub、Microcrystalline cast slabs, etc。The product has excellent anticorrosive performance,Set resistance......[For more details]
  • Acid resistant ceramic tile composition analysis
    Acid resistant ceramic tile composition analysis

      The main components of the surplus acid resistant ceramic tile is silicon dioxide,It under the high temperature roasting will produce a lot more aluminum red cornerstone,This is a kind of high acid function material。

  • Furan resin cement instructions
    Furan resin cement instructions

      YJType of furan resin and a lot of thermoplastic and thermosetting resin has good mixing performance,So to be mixed with epoxy resin and phenolic resin modified。After curing the injunctions

  • Epoxy cement construction technology
    Epoxy cement construction technology

    A、Base processing:    On the surface of a concrete foundation for processing,Remove the breast skin on the surface of the base、Net cement slurry surface or loose particles, etc

  • KPI Acid-proof daub operating instructions
    KPI Acid-proof daub instructions

      KP1Acid-proof daub byKP1Acid powder and potassium sodium silicate,Has a unique swelling and good chemical stability,Is resistant to all kinds of strong acid medium,And a variety of resistance