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    Nanchang jung source technology co., LTD. Was established2010Years,Total registered capital of ten thousand yuan。 Is a professional investment operation campus straight drinking water、Water boiler、Air source equipment such as school logistics project of high-end straight drinking water service provider,Since its establishment,Company dedicated to solve the campus security、Health、Self-help to drinking water problems。Is adoptedBOTThe pattern of foreign investment7000More than ten thousand yuan。The large and medium-sized college cooperation projects in jiangxi province。 The company is located in the core of the civilization of nanchang city business circle—Fire away from the street green yue technology mansion19Floor,The environment is quiet and tastefully laid out,The transportation is convenient。
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    Nanchang jung source technology co., LTD

    Address:Nanchang high-tech zone green yue technology mansion fire from the street19Floor
    The phone:0791-82037687、82282232

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