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    Salt in the hengyang days friend chemical co., LTDIs the original friend in salt in the nuclear group of hengyang days chemical co., LTD., and salt in the plant chemical group in wynn chemical co., LTD2009Years12Established on restructuring,The registered capital10000Ten thousand yuan。Which accounts for wynn chemical co., LTD68%Shares,In the nuclear group of32%Shares。The company consists of titanium white plant、The sulfuric acid plant、The water purifier plant、Protease factory、Power plant、Environmental protection plant production units of six and eight related functional department office,The main products are titanium dioxide、Sulfuric acid、Water purifier、
Protease and so on,To create the titanium、Sulfur、Iron circular economy industrial chain。The main product“Days of friends”BrandR232、R231、R272Titanium dioxide to produce3Ten thousand tons,Widely used in domestic and Europe and the United States、The Middle East、Southeast Asia、Australia、Coating in Africa、Plastics、Ink and paper industry,And has the national patent2Items;“Days of friends”Brand of high efficiency water purifier produces2Ten thousand tons,Also widely used in domestic and Europe and the United States、The Middle East、Southeast Asia、Australia、Drinking water in Africa、Iron and steel、Chemical industry、The oil、Printing and dyeing、Electroplating industries such as water treatment,Is domestic and Asia's largest production base of iron series water purifier……
    The ground The address: Hengyang city in hunan province DongYangDu
    Mail Make up: 421002
    The electricity Words: 0734-2641809,2641808
    Pass The true: 0734-2641809,2641808
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